How Well Do You Know Your Childminder?

Every parent would agree that taking good care of your children is the most important priority in the world. Knowing your child is safe and in good hands can make all the difference when you’re out earning a living, and not having to worry about what your kids get up to all day gives you peace of mind.

This is exactly why First Class Domestics has taken the initiative to offer professional training to childminders or child care givers. We can train your childminder to be the best person to be with your child when you can’t. This is one of our specialties, ensuring that your childminder knows how to care, teach and even discipline your child.

Little minds catch on quickly and every parent or guardian has to ensure that their kids grasps, and goes on to master, all the important things that will benefit them in their lives ahead. Teaching them central values, the importance of reading and keeping their growing minds busy, and, most importantly, teaching them to have respect and self confidence.

Take your childminder on an extraordinary course that trains them on how to understand illnesses and prevention thereof, safety in and outdoors, nutrition and mealtimes, loving and caring for a baby or child, understanding the necessity of stimulation and how to stimulate you child’s mind, and how to act in the case of an emergency.


At First Class Domestics we put our trainees through a number of exercises that are designed to improve your childminder’s skills so they are confident in their childcare abilities. The aim is to get her thinking like you would around your child, focusing on education, compassion, discipline and care.


Remember if you still need that second best person in the world to look after your child while you are working. First Class Domestics has well trained childminders to give you peace of mind. She will think like you would around your child, focusing on education, compassion, discipline and care.