You deserve some rest while she does the rest

Most parents or guardians prefer spending all their spare time with their children, sometimes all the house chores get in the way of that happening. At the end of the day you want your children growing up with your values and beliefs. First Class Domestics specialises in courses for your domestic worker to become an expert around the household. Allowing you the freedom to spend all your spare time with your children you know they deserve it.

Not to mention, you deserve a rest from this challenging corporate world.

First Class Domestics offers working wives the ability to take their domestic worker on an 8 week domestic course that covers all the basic household duties and more. If you don’t have domestic help the company can even administer one of our already trained domestic workers to make your life easier an again give you all the time you need with your family and friends.

This training course covers all the basic and important house chores plus cooking lessons, allowing you the luxury of a very own in-house chef. This will allow you to spend as much time with your loved ones as you need to.

With a consistent growing challenge of maintaining our standards of living, it’s important we work hard to sustain a comfortable way of life. First class Domestics will give you the helping hand that you need to achieve all your goals.

So train your domestic help to be as sufficient as you need her to be. Call us today and hire a professional to assist you with all the house chores while you take care of all the house bills.