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Au Pairs & Tutors Training And Placement

First Class Domestic specialises in au pairs which includes au pair training and placements of au pairs as well as tutors and tutor training.

“Mr and Mrs Clever had a talented son
A total little genius who thought learning was fun
When his first class Au Pair helped him to learn
To one day become a millionaire in turn”


Duration of course is 12 weeks

The complete stimulation and tutoring of your precious little one on a level that runs into the Grade “R”
How about that: A one on one stimulation with a lady that will teach your child everything that is needed before going to school – now that is what I call “WOW”!
So what is it that your little one will be learning.


We teach for a child to learn using all the senses – of which vision is the most important one – but also including: Hearing, smell, touch and taste.
We use beautiful illustrations with stimulating colours and objects that are safe to use for the learning process.
Not forgetting that stimulation is very important on a level where the imagination is used – so a lot of our learning is done by stimulating the imagination.
The imagination is what we use to make new things and build the world into a better place and also to invent things not thought of before….


Imagine your child inventing something the world will one day use… what a thought… That is why we use this level of stimulating your child.


The development of small motor skills from age 0 to teenager
The development of gross motor skills from age 0 to teenager


Teaching your child will include all the vital learning skills such as: Spacing, sequencing, directionality, figure ground perception, focus, association, general knowledge, auditory and visual.

Math: from learning the basics such as quantity, counting, learning math up to grade R
Language: Phonics, vowels, consonants, reading and writing  up to grade R

Not only will you be increasing your child’s IQ but will find that learning at school later will be an absolute pleasure
This course is used to train staff working at crèches and day cares

Not only is it used in South Africa but Au Pairs who train with First class domestic travel abroad with this certificate and make lots of money….
What is the best gift to give a child? An education…..and starting as early as birth is the best time to start !!!


If you are looking for an au pair or tutor or if you need au pair training or tutor training, please Contact Us.