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Domestic Workers Agency

First Class Domestic workers agency are specialists in placements and training of domestic workers in Johannesburg/maids.

“Not another day to dust and to clean
Loads of laundry for the washing machine
Then ironing and pressing for the rest of the day
Send a first class lady without delay”

All our domestic and house management courses run over a period of 5 weeks. Candidates are expected to do a practical exam.

Washing: covers the method in washing all kinds of fabrics with special attention to delicate fabrics. Correct temperatures and sorting. Hanging of washing with stain removal

Ironing: the ironing of different fabrics and application of different methods

Bathrooms and facilities: Correct application of chemicals and covering six levels of cleaning and making sure that safety is the keyword when cleaning

Rooms and bedrooms: Covering all areas on six levels of cleaning and making sure the room is “dustfree” and no residues of chemicals are left behind

Kitchen: Making sure everything is cleaned from top to bottom with correct chemicals and it is safe and pleasant for use after cleaning

Spring cleaning: Covers everything from walls, doors, windows, cupboards, carpets, skirting boards and blinds

Safety and security of the home and environment.

How to answer the telephone or door and take a message.

How to compile a grocery list.

How to use electrical equipment.

How do I communicate with my employer?

What I need to know about hygiene?

How do I show respect toward my employer?

Why is it necessary for me to be loyal, trustworthy and self disciplined?

I must manage my time properly.

“Dear Mrs Executive never had time to cook
As food never took preference to a pen or book
Off went a first class helper to make
Each mealtime delicious… each teatime a cake…”

Duration of the course is 8 weeks.

All our cooking and baking classes are an absolute must as we teach from a recipe.
We also include the normal terms and terminology used in cooking and baking with a specific explanation of each
All measurement tables are explained and we teach how to serve tea and coffee to your guests !

We Teach

Salads: garden/green salad, French salad, Greek, pasta salad, potato, rice and fruit salads
Pasta: Spaghetti bolognaise, plain pastas with various sauces. Lasagne
Sauces: White, pepper, cheese
Starches: Rice, boiled potato, baked potato, roast potato, mashed potato
Meats and poultry: Roast chicken, roast beef and roast lamb.
Other meat dishes: Savoury mince, curry mince, bangers
Gravies: Beef and chicken
Veggies: ALL veggies plain or traditional
Baby foods: All preparation of veggies for stages baby to toddler



Baked and iced: sponge cakes, plain and variations and iced with butter icing, whipped cream and caramelised condensed milk or melted chocolate with grated peppermint crisp.
Rich chocolate cake and chocolate icing, quick mix loaf, plain( if in a hurry)


Lemon meringue, milk tart and fridge tarts


Little cakes: muffins( plain and variation) , scones,
Breads and traditional vetkoek

Don’t Miss This Course !!!

Who will love me when you are not there…
To take a little time to show me some care…
A first class lady is sure to be…
Kind and gentle to little ol’ me…

Not only will first class domestic take care of your family and home but also of your pets and animals that you love dearly

Contact Us, if you are interested in our domestic worker training or if you are looking for a domestic worker in Johannesburg/maid.